Week ten.

Today, I am going to be printing my panoramic photos that i have previously taken over reading week last week. I chose to concentrate on landscapes around my house, views of houses, hills, fields etc. I also chose to take series of photographs from the same spot over a period of time. This is just facing houses up from a slight hill. I aimed to take these photos showing sunrise, day and sunset. However, my camera couldn't really capture the beauty of the sunset, so i've create a black and white version and colour.
Panoramic 1

 These two shots are from the same location as you can probably notice by the hills and trees. I wasn't too sure of which one to go for, however from looking at them both together now, i feel the photo below works well together with a good contrast from the brown trees to the green fields. The photo above, also works well because i like how there is a line running diagonally through it.

Panoramic 2
Black and white panoramic 1


I went into Uni to print off my panoramic photographs onto A3 Glossy photo paper. I chose glossy because i can give a cleaner effect and finished tough than Matte or normal paper. Whilst printing, I had to change the settings of my photos, size A3 had to be set to 42width and automatically change the height to set to proportion. Whilst doing this, i discovered one of my photographs was created too small, thus this lead to a very pixeled photograph. So, tomorrow on the hand in day, I will submit my two printed panoramic photographs, and print another photo I have previously done. 

Fingers crossed the teacher won't mind!

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