Week one.

The aperture of a lens is the diameter of the lens opening and is controlled by an iris. The larger the diameter of the aperture, the more light reaches the film.
If the aperture is set to F22, there will be a smaller lens hole, this means there will more more light. If the aperture is set to F2.8, it'll have a larger hole, so less light.

The shutter speed and the aperture both control the exposure. It is the unit of measurement for the total amount of light permitted to reach the electronic sensor during the process of taking a photograph.

SLR camera settings;
  • Shallow depth of field - set the aperture to F2.8
  • Long depth of field - set the aperture to F22
  • Panning shot - set the aperture to F22 and the shutter speed to slow
  • Freezing shot - set the aperture to F2.8 and the shutter speed to fast
  • ISO settings;
    • DARK - high ISO
    • LIGHT - low ISO
  • White balance; Incandescent, fluorescent, direct sunlight, cloudy, shade, flash. 

I had previously studied photography at Bath College so i knew the basics about a camera... at the time. So coming back to it today, really stunned me on how much i forgot and how important it is to have the correct settings to produce a good quality photograph.
Knowing these settings, i can now easily go out and take wonderful photographs such as this black and white photograph of architectural buildings in Bath along George Street.
I really do like this photograph, the contrast is just right, it is focused on each individual window and frame, pavement stones and gravel.
It was taken just in the nick of time with the car just slightly next to the lamp post.

This is my example of a panning shot that i took along the London Road in Bath.
Whilst having the shutter speed slow and moving the camera in time with the car i managed to create a movement within the photo.
I particularly like panning shots, because to me it could show several things.
It shows a fast moving effect with the blurred background and the car that looks like it's stopped.
The world carries on when your at stand still.

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