Week eight.

On Friday 28th I learned how to create a panorama shot using several photos. Whilst taking your photos, you can use an ordinary digital camera, stand in one spot, and without moving up or down take photos starting from left to right. I decided to take photos from the view near my house. Once taken, upload all photos onto photoshop.
Overlapping image 2 onto 1.
Once in photoshop, create a canvas that is thin and long, for example I decided to use Width: 1000 and Height: 300. I chose the resolution to be 300 because it gives the best quality when printing from my printer.
I copied and pasted my photos onto this new sheet and started by making them all the same reasonable size.
Either adjusting the size of the photo or simply moving it in line with the previous photo using the arrow keys on my keyboard i was able to align all the photos together.

One my next image I used the erase tool because my camera angle was not right. So i erased part of the image to blend into the other.
Whilst going through image by image, i found out at the end that my first image was slightly at an angle. To correct this I rotated it slightly, still aligning it with the next image.

To finish off I flattened the layers (just so it's faster to open again or to print) and edited the entire picture by adjusting the brightness and contrast.

-view one

-view two

I used the same technique as before, however I adjusted the saturation to black and white and the contrast to make it more bold.
I prefer black and white panorama shots than colour as well as leaving the bottom parts to show each photo. To me it looks old fashioned.
This photo actually consists of five photos all together.

- my bedroom

This is a panorama of my bedroom.  I cropped it tight so you don't see the edges to neaten it up. This photo has only got three photos within. 
- My camera battery actually ran out so i couldn't finish the tour around my room. :( -
 I used the eraser tool to help me with the patterned wallpaper.
I like the contrast in this photo, however it would've looked better continued on.
Having the skill to be able to perform this on photoshop is amazing to have. I feel that i can now create amazing panorama shots of landscapes and cityscape of wherever i go.

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