Week seven.

These photos were taken in the snow (as you can see) they all have one thing in common, and that would be trees. I'm still not sure whether to use these because I may see something spontaneous because the deadline.

 Feb.2011. Today i decided to take some more photos for my mini photography project. However this time, I chose to take photos of 'the viewer' viewing through something round. This can get people wondering of what the object is if the photo is well taken. Here are five photos taken through round objects around my house and things i found outside that would be interesting.

Viewing through a spy hole.

Viewing through toilet roll.

Taken of a Coke bottle viewing through the top.

Taken from the top of my lamp.

A glass.
After presenting my mini project to the class and lecturer, I received some positive feedback. The one feedback I particularly got interested in was to enlarge and blow up the size of my fourth photograph. I personally believe that comment is spot on and would work even better blown up bigger than poster size. I will most definitely look into doing this in the future.

Today I got inspired by a class mate to take a series of black and white photographs of a pair of shoes placed amongst trees.


I like these photos because even though the shoes are the main object, they aren't placed in the middle of the frame as most photographers try to do. The black and white really work well, contrasting the dark bark from the trees with the light sky.

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