Week twelve.

I have recently decided to change my idea on my last photography project. Before i chose to look at photographer Thomas Ruff as he photographs people in a passport photo style. I have now changed my idea to a photographer called August Sander because to me his work has a lot more meaning and depth within the photographs. They are black and white and he mainly photographed men from the military as he spent his military service from 1987-99 as a photographer's assistant.

August Sander. Crianças cegas, 1930

August Sander. Secretária de Emissora de Rádio, 1930

August Sander. Pintor (Anton Raderscheidt), 1926

August Sander, Farmer family, 1912

I particularly like this photography (above) the composition with the thrown down pile of wood planks against the stone look a like sofa with an elegant girl gently resting her arm on the wood planks.
This photograph below is actually taken by my friend Elliot Kendryna, and feel that they have a similarity as the girl is placed into the dirty old bath staring directly at the camera as so does the other photo shows. Even though the girl doesn't look elegantly placed in the bath and is dressed the opposite to the other and even the planks of wood are neatly stacked, I still like to compare them both together and see a similarity.
Photographer Elliot Kendryna, Model Chelsey Knight, 2011.

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