Week Thirteen

I'm super stoked today because I did my first photo-shoot with my chosen models Sophie Daniel and Portia Knight. Using August Sanders as my inspiration I was able to have a clear idea of what my models should wear and the scenery. I took 45 photographs all together and selected 15 photographs of which I liked and I then continued by adjusting or reducing the contrast slightly or adding a sepia effect as August Sanders has in a few of his photographs. Here are a few of which i like the most and haven't decided on the one yet.
Sophie and Portia, No. 1

Sophie and Portia, No. 2

Sophie and Portia, No. 3

Sophie, No. 1

Sophie and Portia, No. 4

Sophie and Portia, No. 5

I am preparing for my next photo shoot with family and friends today. I will be dressing them according to 1920's time and position them possibly sitting down just like this photo:
I will be trying to portray the same attitude and style as August Sander has shown in the photograph above.To do this, I have found an abandoned barn house of which i was place the sitters in front of. 
I have come to find that matching the similar style clothing has become impossible as they are hard to find now-a-days - however I am trying to get as close as possible. Such as the walking sticks I may replace with actual sticks that aren't too swirly. I hope it goes well!

Well Well Well... I have finished my second photo shoot 
After taking a woping 100 photographs, I was able to select 77 images of which i feel work the best whilst thinking about the lighting, staging and obviously how the sitters look and feel. Here are some of the photographs I really enjoyed taking and really like. 
Maisie, No. 1

Elliot, No. 1

Chelsey and Elliot, No. 1

Group, No. 1

Group, No. 2

Tanith, No. 1

Maisie and Tanith, No. 1
Whilst doing this photo shoot I have learned a lot about using natural lighting and working with the scenery. Positioning the sitters is the most important as well as if they feel comfortable or not.

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