Week Fourteen

Geisha & Lichtenstein pop art Make-up/Photography
Today my sister and I were a tad bored and decided to do makeup on each other. We wanted to have two different results so we both chose on Geisha - having a more elegant and soft feel to it and then an artist called Roy Lichtenstein and his pop art - this shows a much more detailed and time consuming with all the dots.
I've added this onto my photography blog, because I wanted to show my skills in capturing people's faces and showing I can photograph not only nature and surroundings but also sitters.

Here are some photographs of my sketchbook relating to my final project on 20th Century photography influenced by August Sander. There is also a few pages of cut outs from magazines of models, this is reference to help me along the way of photographing people as I have never done it before. It gives me an idea of positioning the sitter in relation to the camera, also how to possibly use props if needed.

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