Week Fifteen

Had another photo shoot today working with my friend Tanith Lyons who is a make-up artist. I wanted to create a photograph looking just like August Sander's of the gypsy leaning against a caravan. However, being unable to have a near by caravan i had to make use of fences, walls, houses etc. I am really pleased with how my images turned out and i have adjusted the contrast using Photoshop and added a dust and grain effect to make it a little bit more old fashioned.
By August Sander
Tanith, No. 2 & 3

I'm not too keen on the last image i took with the layout and situation. Even though she does look relaxed and as if it was her home, I feel it doesn't work together as a whole like the first image as it looks similar to the original August Sander's photograph.

Later on this week I plan to do another shoot to re create these photographs:

Alexander, No. 1 & 2

In these photo's, I feel that it doesn't really show what era I am intended to photograph, this is because of the lack of time and not having suitable clothing. I think my sitter  needs to be wearing braces and have a flap cap on just like in the photograph above taken by August Sander.

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