Week Sixteen

I photographed my mother and her friend today. It was quite dark in the room and not having the correct lighting i had to depend on Photoshop. In Photoshop I edited the photographs i felt were good. I adjusted the brightness and contrast and added a diffuse glow as it gave a little glow to their faces which i feel give it a good effect. I also added a photo filter to some of the photographs, the filter i chose was 'warming filter (81)' This gave it a little tint of cream/brown which is used in photographs around the era i am looking at.
Celeste, No. 1

Celeste, No. 2

Celeste, No. 3

Celeste, No. 4

Celeste, No. 5

I have used this photo as reference for the photo I have taken below. Just to give me an idea of what men wore around that era and how they're positioned.
Tim, No. 1

I feel that my sitter could have been sat a little bit more up right with his body facing a tiny bit towards the camera.

Tim, No. 2

These two show the difference when a warming filter (81) is added.

Tim, No. 3

I wanted to use the same positions as August has used in the photo above.
Celeste and Tim, No. 1

Even though this photograph is taken further away from the sitters as appose to August's photo I really like how my sitters are positioned and that they're both looking at the camera.
Celeste and Tim, No. 2

Celeste and Tim, No. 3

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