I have my 10 photographs in the style of August Sander all printed off now! I originally planned to have them A4 size because then the viewers can really connect with the sitters and see every last detail, however, i really didn't like the size and quality. So i did some research into old style photographs around this era and a bit later to see how they display and what size and quality their photographs are actually printed like. As they were obviously taken using a film camera they were printed in the dark room, however I chose to use a digital camera because i can really see each photograph i have taken to try and get them spot on.

I looked into a photography book called Past Future that concentrates on Chinese photographers and film makers. In here i found wonderful photography work, such as these shown below
China Pictorial cover, 1967
William Saunders, a young Manchu woman, 1865-70
Zhang Haiere, bad girl, 1989
Whilst looking at these artists and how they display their work in this book it has helped me on how to display mine. I wanted to use the same display as August Sander had used, however most of his prints are larger than A4.
10 Wallet size photographs by myself.
These photographs are simply placed onto a wooden board to give a rough idea on the look. I really do like this, however they are placed at random so i may lay around with the ordering. I have also considered to actually place them into an old style photo album using the four triangle corners on each image, one of each page with a little text box on the bottom right of each page with a titled and date. Also i may keep and frame with a mount board two of my most favourite A4 photographs that demonstrates the era August Sander's photos are from.

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